After Last Week’s message at The Divine Fellowship, I was asked to transcribe some of our notes for ease of use.

And Then . . .

I recently did a message at The Divine Fellowship entitled Bring in the Light. There were a few highlights that I

Bring In The Light

Do you remember the Bedazzled gizmo? You could apply sparkly’s to anything and everything.Today I’m feeling a bit Bedraggled.Weird dreams, aches


It’s time to replace my keyboard for my computer. After completing two books utilizing the same keyboard I can hardly read


I spent most of yesterday cleaning the kitchen. We had purchased a new over-the-stove microwave and the big old microwave was

Resistance is Futile

Some days, don’tcha just wish there was a way to Ctrl+Alt+Delete for life’s experiences?Not just do-overs, but block it out completely

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

I saw a post on Facebook the other day. . . Someone had been having a really hard time of it

Except . . .

Had a really weird dream last night. It’s still “haunting” me. Funny how that happens. I remember in the dream, feeling

Awakening the Spark of Interest

A few nights ago, as I was about to drift off into sleep, I heard some words that I thought were

You Think

Phil and I really enjoyed Mother Nature on our walk this morning. It was cool, but not crisp fall air yet.

Finding Blessings in Loss

Well, I finished cleaning my home office. It ended up taking 2 half days and one full day. I had notes

Choosing More Energy

Your Sacred Self awaits your attention.When you find yourself in resistance to any situation, you silence and shackle your Sacred Self.

The Sacred Self

I started cleaning my home office this morning.What a disaster.They say a messy desk is the sign of genius. I wonder

What to Decide

Phil and I cleaned out our back room yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. We have a master bedroom, an office/computer room, and a


You’ve probably heard me say this before. Worry is a prayer in reverse. It’s true. Yet, we find ample opportunity to

Moving Beyond Worry

The timing of a person’s passing can be a time of great mystery. Why is it, some people have a slight

Exit Points

Do you ever feel like, “I just don’t know what to dream anymore”?We feel our dreams have abandoned us. It seems

The Heart’s Dream

Seems like every day is laundry day. Something gets dirty, gets washed, gets put away (eventually). The most challenging thing to

Fitted Sheets

I had a great dream the other day. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with a big

Dream Dancing

Well, summer is bearing down upon us. With the rising temperatures here in the South Eastern Corner of Washington state into

Clearing Out

My office is a disaster. I’ve got notes from three classes spread out over most of the open surface. My file

Scattered Thoughts