The timing of a person’s passing can be a time of great mystery. Why is it, some people have a slight

Exit Points

Do you ever feel like, “I just don’t know what to dream anymore”?We feel our dreams have abandoned us. It seems

The Heart’s Dream

Seems like every day is laundry day. Something gets dirty, gets washed, gets put away (eventually). The most challenging thing to

Fitted Sheets

I had a great dream the other day. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with a big

Dream Dancing

Well, summer is bearing down upon us. With the rising temperatures here in the South Eastern Corner of Washington state into

Clearing Out

My office is a disaster. I’ve got notes from three classes spread out over most of the open surface. My file

Scattered Thoughts

We certainly have been having some lovely weather. A bit hot, then a few cools days. A bit of wind, then

Miracle Moments

I just got back from a week-long workshop in Sedona, Arizona.I experienced some really cool breakthroughs and had some powerful experiences.

Moving Forward

Phil and I were working in the yard the other day. Well, he was doing most of the work. Now that


Cloud watching is great fun!First thing about cloud watching is that it takes place when you take a minute to just

Cloud Watching / Perceiving

We slept with the window open last night. It was nice to have fresh air. Until the wind picked up. Literally,

Dust In The Wind

I took a few minutes this morning to clear out my winter clothes and put them away. Gratefully! So glad the

Clearing Out the Old

Each new day holds a new opportunity. We can choose how we respond to the day as it unfolds. Except for

Doorway of Truth

Life is filled with new beginnings.As childhood ends, we leave school and begin the next phase of our lives.We may attend

New Beginnings

Wind. Cold spring wind. Rain here and there, but mostly wind.We live on a half an acre and this time of

Hope Transcends Transiting Feelings

Whether family by birth or family by choice, those closest relationships challenge us the most! They challenge us to speak our

We are Family

My sister-in-law, Cathy, is in hospice as her body wears down nearing its release on life.It’s been difficult seeing her anguish

An Act of Faith

Setting a goal or having a dream creates a spiritual energy field that opens us to “Creation Energy” – the energy

Living in the Outcome

The little flowers and plants begin their journey to fulfill their destiny – they grow so they can bloom. Forsythia burst


February focuses its attention upon Love.  Romantic love.  Get get all twitterpated about being in love.  And love is a wonderful

What About Love?

I've been through the depths of despair and I've risen to joyfully doing what I love with my whole heart.  The

Suicide’s Secret Message: A Treasure Map to Joy