Happy anniversary, Divine Fellowship! 25 Years! Wow!Phil and I had no idea what was in store for us when we birthed

25 Years of Joy, Enlightenment, and Spiritual Sanctuary

This time of year we reach for pumpkin flavored everything and enjoy spooking ourselves out. Hmmm/ what costume shall I wear

Have a Spook-tacular October

My grandson, Jaden and his fiancé, Samantha took a trip to the coast awhile back. On the way, they randomly picked

What’s in a Word

So, it cooled off this evening and I was out sitting in the shade part of the garden. I was enchanted

Dancing Dragonflies Bring Insights

Phil got us a gazebo structure for a new seating area we are creating in our back yard. Those scorching hot

Anchor Points

Phil and I were our on our walk on Bateman Island a few days ago and we were talking about new

Next! (Swipe Left)

Phil and I have been making some changes. Not willingly. My broken arm is almost healed. Yay! Yet, the changes implemented

Something New

I rearranged my front room recently. What a big job.  Not only do I have sofas and tables and other antiques, but

Let the Heart Lead the Way

My husband, Phil, lost his favorite pair of gloves.  Phil has very unusual hands.  His fingers are short with a square

Awakening to Spiritual Gifts

I was going to pour myself some Kombucha tea into a glass the other day.  It’s a great probiotic and actually


Ok, so I’m a bit weird.  Well, maybe more than just a bit.  I don’t see things like other people do

Ghost Stories

Our dear, sweet Tobie Cat said good-bye to the Divine Fellowship building and her caring support staff this last Saturday.  Her tenure

Tobie, the Wonderful Church Cat, Retires

(Blog written in 2016 – revised for today.)  In 2015, we had 7 trees removed that bordered our property and the new

Bless the Potential

So, I did a silly thing.  I cleaned my side table next to my chair in the family room.  Okay, well,

The Art of Allow

When I woke up this morning, I felt a bit glum.  No real motivation to get moving.  I did anyway.  Clean

Today and Tomorrow

So, Phil and I have been working a lot in the yard lately.  Pulling weeds.  Planting flowers.  Cleaning up brush.  We

Manifesting or Struggling?

Cleaned out the refrigerator the other day. One nice thing about having plenty of home-time. I get chores done that normally

Bushel Basket

We are all looking for our tribe. Where we fit in. Who values us—our opinions, our talents, our hearts. We discover

Finding Our Tribe

Phil and I met and married over 32 years ago. We met in February, so lots of memories come into my

Be the Valentine

A new energy comes to us as a result of a Dream/Vision I recently experienced. In this Dream/Vision instructions for receiving

Ascension Orb

A few years ago I had an online radio show entitled Step Up. The theme of the show was stepping into

Stepping Back – Stepping Away