Take a look at the pictures below. Each image corresponds to a message from the Ancient Ones. Which image catches your eye, stirs your emotions, or just feels right?  Let your intuition guide you! 

Then... using the number of the picture, scroll down below to find your affirmation, things to ponder, and message from the Ancient Ones!


Affirmation:  I utilize a key phrase to call myself out of negativity and back onto my Ascension Path.

Things to Ponder: What change(s) are you being called to create?  What key phrase (Truth) do you create to call yourself out of negativity and back on to the Ascension Path?

For the full message go to: Renewal


Affirmation: I embrace joy.

Things to Ponder: What might you say, generally speaking, is the nature of your energetic field?  Notice and name a blessing.  Be glad about it.  In what way does your energy field shift?  (What do you experience about yourself after you engendered gladness?)  As your eyes brighten spiritually, what do you see, notice or experience?  How might this have significance in your journey?

For the full message go to: The Key to Joy


Affirmation: I notice the power waiting for my attention.

Things to Ponder: From a perspective of peace, how do you perceive yourself now?  (In comparison to your perception of self prior to starting this study group.)  Noticing your connection to Divine Source, can you sense your power beneath the surface?  What could you do with that power/energy?

For the full message go to: Your Essence of Being


Affirmation:  I live my Soul’s Song in all that I do.

Things to Ponder: What takes your awareness offline most often?  What does your safe haven feel like?  What feeds your faith?  Does one’s Soul Song change?

For the full message go to: Your Heart's Song


Affirmation: I accept my calling.

Things to Ponder: Do you have a sense of “being called”?  Have you had this sense very long?  How does it feel?

For the full message go to: Call to Freedom


Affirmation: I cherish the spark of intent within me.

Things to Ponder: Notice yourself with the intent of value.  What do you see/ perceive?  Notice your surroundings.  What catches your attention.  What insights does this offer you?  Did you feel the spark within you just get brighter?  How might you set your intent to act with kindness and purposefulness today? (Words you might say to express that intent).

For the full message go to: The Spark of Change