Welcome to the Ascension Journey Self-Guided Study Course!  

For many of us 2020 and 2021 were challenging years, both individually and collectively as a global society. It was during this time that Janice Lynch channeled a series of powerful messages, messages of great hope and promise, from a group of ascended beings known collectively as the Ancient Ones.

Though given during a time of challenges, the channeled messages are applicable no matter the external circumstance.

Collectively these messages are known as the Ascension Journey and comprise Volume 3 of Messages from the Ancient Ones.

The channeled messages provide very practical assistance to help us not only survive during difficult times but to thrive and to be of service to others.  The advice is easily implemented, guiding us in simple ways to make Divine Connections almost instantly - no matter the external circumstances.  

In the summer of 2022, on Friday morning, we gathered on Zoom to discuss the teachings from Messages From The Ancient Ones Volume 3 - Ascension Journey.  This informal gathering was called Friday Morning with the Ancient Ones. 

These sessions were recorded and are shared here as part of a Self-Guided Study Course that can be done alone or as a group.  All these resources are free and offered with much love by Janice Lynch in the hope that it blesses your journey.

One of the Highlights of Friday Morning with the Ancient Ones was a channeled message directly from the Ancient Ones.  If you are new to the Ancient Ones or would like to learn more about them read below and then scroll on to find out more about this Self-Guided Course.

About the Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones are an ascended group of beings who have lived on the Earth at one time and have ascended to a place where they now assist those of us who are in the physical realm.
Janice Lynch didn’t believe in channeling. She thought it was hooey.

Until one day . . .

Way back in the 1990’s, Janice was doing an intuitive reading. She recorded those readings at that time with a little cassette player. After her client asked her a very heartfelt question, Janice said several sentences that were not like how she usually talked and the energy in the room shifted profoundly. Both Janice and the client got goose bumps at the profound nature of the words that were spoken.

Janice went to rewind the tape to re-hear what had just happened. The tape had stopped at that exact point where the answer had begun. Both Janice and the client were disappointed that the message was lost. Then Janice wondered if the message would come back. All of a sudden, Janice repeated the message and was able to capture the message on tape.

So, with this profound experience, Janice opened her mind just a bit and realized that perhaps there was something to this channeling stuff.

Since that time, Janice has experienced a large group of beings who have identified themselves as The Ancient Ones who congregate behind her while she sits in a meditative state. Depending upon the question asked of her, a specific being will come and stand next to or in front of Janice as she delivers their message of hope and empowerment.

Some attendees have said that not only does her voice and manner of speaking shift a bit with each being who comes through, but some have said they have seen a face right in front of hers as she is speaking. Others say that The Ancient Ones speak directly to your heart.

Whether you ask a specific question in a private or a group session, or receive their wisdom in The Ancient One’s writings, you will be blessed.

About the Ascension Journey Self-Guided Study

The  Ascension Journey Self-Guided Study Course explores the wisdom of the Ancient Ones teachings by reading  messages with similar topics over a period of about 13 weeks. You can adapt the schedule to your personal lifestyle. 

This study is informal, and your pace and level of effort  is whatever feels best for you.  To get the most of this process...

1. Watch the Video and Listen to the Message from the Ancient Ones

A video recording of the Friday morning discussions is included for each lesson. This includes discussion of the messages, a channeled message from the Ancient Ones and techniques for applying these teachings in your life.  

For convenience, a separate audio recording of just the channeled message from The Ancient Ones is included in each lesson. 

2. Read the Ancient Ones Messages 

Each lesson, with the exception of the first lesson, covers three messages from the Ascension Journey. These messages are grouped by topic and were designed to stimulate thought and discussion. Links to the messages are provided in each lesson.  Links to the messages can also be accessed here Ascension Journey Volume 3.  Or you can download and print the messages here Ascension Journey PDF.

3. Practice the Technique

Each lesson includes a technique inspired by the Ancient Ones messages that will assist you in applying the teachings in your life.  Be creative and discover ways to adapt and use these techniques in your daily life. Positive shifts will happen! 

4. Participate in the Facebook Discussion Group

 The Ascension Path with The Ancient Ones Facebook Group is the main area where you will get to share your thoughts and ideas with like minded individuals. It is a great place to share particular messages that have meaning for you.

We honor your choice to continue on your Ascension Journey, may it transform your life and help you discover the power of co-creating with Divine Spirit!

We walk with you as you seek The Light on your Ascension Journey. And we walk with you as you shine The Light in joy, peace, and compassion.

~The Ancient Ones~