6. Strengthening Our Divine Connection

Welcome to Session 6 of The Ascension Journey 

This session discusses ways to strengthen your connection with the Divine even when you are feeling fearful. You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week practice SAGE-ing.  SAGE – Smile, Affirm, Gratitude, Exhale (Breathe). Adapt this process and make it your own. In just a few seconds this technique can create positive shifts in your perception.


Bring a smile to your face and notice how your energy shifts by the simple act of smiling.


Gently tap your 3rd Eye, the space between your eye brows and affirm: “I AM OPEN, I AM KIND, I AM AWAKENING”

As you say these words, become aware of Divine Compassion flowing into your being. Feel this clear energy of the highest resolution and vibration flowing into you.  Notice it and allow it to be received by all parts of your being.


From this state of Divine Compassion and with deep, deep gratitude, notice the beauty that may be around you and notice your gratitude for the capacity to notice this.


If you find yourself having any fears, weakening thoughts or feelings of unworthiness, notice this. Rather than berating yourself, honor this. 

As you notice any weakening thoughts, thank Divine Source for your survival thus far and breathe in fresh air. As you Exhale feel yourself re-center out of fear and back and into your rightful state of joy, creativity, and compassion.

Take another deep breath. Notice how your inner being lights up and looks for ways to shift and grow. Notice how this positive change happens effortlessly with you and for you.

In the final words of the Ancient Ones: “Breathe, Dear One. Breathe and grow into the Sacred One you came here to be. We see your growth and honor you in this.” 


The following are some great ideas for affirmations (power phrases) that have been used by others.