Welcome to Session 9 of The Ascension Journey 

This session we explore the power of being a Sacred Observer. We explore how this power helps us to heal old wounds and protect our inner light no matter the disruptions in the outer world.  You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week send a Sacred Gift to an old wound using the following technique from the Ancient Ones' message Sacred Gift in Time:  

If you are unable to find your space of sacredness where you feel your own sacred value, you may not yet be ready to observe old wounds.

Give that old experience a sacred gift and leave it there in that time and space. That sacred gift could be the idea of a flower to signify you care. That sacred gift could be the symbol of a crystal to signify your willingness to see clearly.

Whatever sacred gift you select, place it in your awareness next to that memory. Maybe that looks like leaving a flower on a table that was present in this experience. Maybe that feels like just a mental marker on that memory.

By leaving this marker/sacred gift, you allow yourself to bring more of yourself present time. You can utilize this energy for anything that you choose to do now - in this moment. You free up a lot of stuck energy with this process.

Once you are ready to observe that old trauma with the Sacred Observer that does not re-experience the pain, you may see something in this that you may have missed before. You may notice that the trauma really had nothing to do with your worth. Rather, it was an expression of someone else's previous traumas. This allows you to reclaim your sense of sacred value.


We can feel distressed AND Divinely connected!