5. A Joyful Perspective

Welcome to Session 5 of The Ascension Journey 

This session takes a look at shifting into a joy perspective and taking action on your intuitive nudges. You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  Apologies for the confusion over whether we were being recorded or not towards the end! 

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week shift into a Joy perspective and listen to and act on intuitive nudges!

Take three deep breaths and let them out slowly. This resets your awareness and allows it to expand.

Notice with your expanded awareness the world around you. Notice its colors and flavors - its smells and its sensory input. What are you experiencing right now? How do the clothes on your body feel? What does the world outside your present location look like? Hot and dreary? Bright and clear? Notice and pay attention to what you see and experience.

Next, bring your attention to any object within view and really notice it. Was it a gift? Move into a memory of deep gratitude. Was it a purchase or a find? Move into a memory of delight and excitement. Is it a pet? Move into a state of love and tenderness. Gratitude, delight/excitement, along with love and tenderness automatically shifts one's perspective.

Once you begin to sense these energies, it is far easier for Divine Source to send you a nudge of guidance.

To sense this guidance, be still for a moment and ask for it. You can ask "Show me my next step," or, "which step will bless my path." Whatever suits you, ask for guidance now.

Then, be still and notice what comes up into your awareness. The nudge may appear to be a recalling of something left behind. The nudge may be a quick flash of something you own. The nudge may be a startling new insight.

Be still with whatever appears. Often the moment you perceive it, you will intuitively know your next step or the direction to take or the answer to your question.


Over the years the Ancient Ones often talk about Joy.  This eBook is a collection of all their messages and is sure to uplift your spirits. Click on image below to download.