11. The Success Path

Welcome to Session 11 of The Ascension Journey 

This week we look at getting out of the life's "traps," clearing our paths, and moving onto the Success Path.  You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week practice escaping the trap and clearing your energy!

Escape the Trap

Take moments to become aware of any "traps" you might have fallen into in your life. How would you describe these traps? Perhaps a swamp where you feel stuck, or a maze that you can't seem to get out of, or maybe even a merry-go-round that looks good on the outside but never seems to go anywhere!  However you describe your trap, take a few moments and imagine yourself free of this trap. 

Simply being aware allows you the means to move into expanded awareness and to identify the parts of your awareness that are untouched by the circumstances.

Clear Your Path

Take moments to clear your energy of others' attitudes or opinions.

Take a few clearing breaths. Anchor into the Earth with your intent and expanded awareness. Command the clutter within your energy field to BE GONE!! Breathe a clear, fresh breath of air and notice the now clear energy field that surrounds your being.

Next, as you notice your clear energy and you have a sense of someone else's energy, notice the tendrils of attachment attempting to connect to drain your energy. Your clear energy field coupled with your expanded awareness repels these tendrils. Merely say to yourself. NOT MINE.