7. Seeing with our Heart-of-Hearts

Welcome to Session 7 of The Ascension Journey 

This session we explore connecting to our Heart-of-Hearts and accessing Divine Energies and Super Powers. You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week practice acts of kindness and noticing with your heart-of-hearts.

Read the following words from the Ancient Ones and really feel their truth. 

“Take a moment and notice where you are now. Now close your eyes for a moment and tune in to your heart-of-hearts . . . you will recognize it when peace settles over your awareness. Now open your eyes and "see" what your heart-of-hearts would like you to perceive in this moment. Experience the Light, Love, and Beauty that your heart-of-hearts perceives. Sense it with your whole body.

Now turn this noticing towards yourself. View yourself from this sacred perspective. What do you see? Break through your old patterns of judgment of yourself and notice the Light, Love, and Beauty that resides here. We see it. We see your Light, Love, and Beauty. “

What does it feel like to notice and see with your heart-of-hearts?


May we encourage each other on our Ascension Journey.