3. Sacred Hopefulness

Welcome to Session 3 of The Ascension Journey! 

This session takes a look at the Sacred Energy of Hope. You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  

Meditation Meanings

Click here to download the interpretation of the meditation on Hope that was shared in the video. ===>  Sacred Hopefulness

Messages to read this week include:

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week recall Hope to you! 

You remember the green grasses from the previous year? You remember the flowers and leafed out trees?

As you remember these, Hope returns! 

You know the plants are sending out roots and are awakening. You know the buds on the trees will become leaves. You know the flowers will awaken and return. You believe the trees endured the winter. You believe the flowers remember how to bloom. You believe the shrubs again dress in their lush green attire.

Are there any circumstances where you have given away your hope? Affirm to yourself "I hereby recall my hope back to my own energy field."  You will probably feel lighter the moment you reclaim your hope. 

Connect to Buoyancy Hope

Once you have called back your hope, place that hope energy into your energy field about a hands width away from your Heart Space. Perhaps view this hope as a candle or a lantern or a ball of light.

Now ASK Divine Source to guide you into sacred hopefulness. You will see/sense a thread of light forming between your hope and Divine Source. It may begin at your Heart Space hope or it may begin from Divine Source. Just notice and sit with this until the hope-link has connected.

Once connected, Divine Source downloads the Buoyancy Hope into your symbolized Heart Space hope! This Buoyancy Hope knows it is being heard. It knows Divine Source already is acting in its behalf. This Buoyancy Hope knows the flow from Divine uplifts its user. This Buoyancy Hope filters out all distractions and suffering.

Then a thread of light connects this Buoyancy Hope with the Heart-of-Hearts (the Heart Space within the body). A profound shift happens at this point. The uplifting happens! 

This uplifting brings great joy, insight, and peace as well as power to move forward. Your resiliency will be restored as well.


Below is an image of our Heart Space and our Heart Space Hope (Buoyance Hope) connected to Divine Source. The packages represent our individual dreams and hopes that are yet to be manifested. When these hopes and dreams are placed in the light of our Buoyance Hope new insights may be given us.

Listen to the video recording for a guided meditation and further explanation of the symbolism.