2. New Energy from the Ethereal Realm

Welcome to Session 2 of The Ascension Journey! 

This session takes a look at a New Energy being gifted to our planet. You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  

Messages to read this week include:

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week take moments to be aware of the New Energy that surrounds you!

Move into a state of peace-filled expanded awareness. In this place of expanded awareness notice the energy around you and within this noticing be aware of the new energy that has been gifted to the planet. This energy appears like tiny particles of multi-colored light. The space you are in will become filled with these particles. (It is okay if you don't directly experience the new energy, just know that it is there).


With deep gratitude bring your attention to your hands.  Your hands hold the power for change for you both physically and spiritually.  The hands symbolize power.  The hands utilize power for healing.  The hands do the tasks that are "at hand" for you to do. 

Now with gratitude, notice your hands again.  See the lines imbedded upon them.  The lines in your hands are totally different than any other hand ever created.  You have your own unique journey here on this planet.  Certainly the lines have much in common with other people's hands, and yet, yours are totally different.  Can you feel the energy flow along those lines? 

These lines represent the flow of your life.  These lines represent your unique journey and your unique gifts to the world. 


As you notice your hands with gratitude, you are experiencing a golden moment. Within this golden moments greater energies arise. Greater power exists. Profound connection happens. Awareness expands. Insights flow.

Shift your focus just a bit and notice the light that surrounds and fills your hands. This light holds great healing power for you. This light beams straight from the heavenly realms. This light exists all around you at all times, yet with your awareness, the flow of light from the heavenly realms happens and your connection with Divine Source amplifies.


Can you feel the energy here?  Notice your hands more intently and focus upon the palm. The energy builds here.  The energy builds here for you to use.  You can use this energy in many ways!  Bring the energy of ease into your palms and send this energy out into the world.  This energy will help others more easily become joyful and more easily shift into peace.

Open your palms away from you and sends the energy of ease through the ethereal realms for all to access.  To boost this energy say “Be at Ease”

Now place your palms down and send the energy through the Earth itself for all to access.  This energy shifts the energy of the whole planet!! To boost this energy say “Awaken” 

This powerful energetic structure seeking souls can access and receive. What a beautiful gift!


This painting by artist May Sheriff, captures the same sense of delight and wonderment felt by the New Energy that has been gifted to the planet.