4. Bridges of Compassion

Welcome to Session 4 of The Ascension Journey 

This session takes a look at bridging the gaps between ourselves and others, ourselves and our dreams and ourselves and the Divine. You can watch the full recording (above) or enjoy listening to just the channeled message from the Ancient Ones below.  

Recording of The Ancient Ones


This week create bridges!

Take a moment now and form your intent. 

What is a goal, or hope or dream that you would like to manifest in the physical world? And most importantly what does it feel like when you manifest this intent?  If you want greater vitality, what does this feel like to you? If you want this perfect job or business, what does it feel like when you achieve this?

With these feelings in mind, we are now going to take a moment and make that divine connection.  You may feel that connection when you bring a smile to your face. Or perhaps when you remember a time, when you were beyond time, like when you are doing art work, or gardening or in deep meditation.  Feel that Divine Connection and now silently request that that connection be amplified. You may want to say “more” or “amplify”

Take a moment to just breathe and be here. In this you will notice a bridge falling into place between you and your dream.

As a Sacred Observer look at that bridge. Are there any areas that are blocked, or perhaps there are stones that you might stumble on or darkened areas that don’t look structurally sound?  These may represent fears or obstacles or feelings of unworthiness.  You don’t have to know what they are, but just take a moment now and in your mind’s eye remove what does not belong on your bridge.

Next as Sacred Observer, send a blessing of love to your bridge. 

Feel the bridge filling up with love. Next send blessings of joy and then peace and then compassion to your bridge.  And if there is any other energy you would like your bridge to have… send that energy now. See your bridge radiating in light.   

With one last look see if you see any gaps or areas that might need to be reinforced in the bridge. They could be small, or they could be quite big. If you see those gaps… imagine filling those gaps with curiosity, trust, hope and wisdom.

Knowing now that the bridge between you and your dream is not only open and clear but also blessed, bring yourself back into your body and imagine taking one step onto that bridge.  This is your next right step.

Ask for guidance and clarity as to what this step might represent in the world…


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