Take a look at the pictures below. Each image corresponds to a message from the Ancient Ones. Which image catches you eye, stirs your emotions, or just feels right?  Let your intuition guide you! 

Then... using the number of the picture, scroll down below to find your blessing and message from the Ancient Ones!

1.  Release yourself from old wounds.  We walk with you and guide you on this journey to releasing.  

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2.  Allow the healing Light of Love to penetrate your circumstances.

(Read More About This Here ==>  Time and Possibilities)

3.  Shift your filter by saying: “I'm now open to seeing Divine Source in my life.”

(Read More About This Here ==> Shift your Filter)

4.  It blesses you to return your awareness to kindness and compassion each time it wanders after the negativity.

(Read More About This Here ==> Renewal)

5.  Have courage. Courage to notice and see. Courage to take the next step.

(Read More About This Here ==> Your Soul Hears Your Heart-of-Hearts)

6. There abides great wisdom in living in the here and now. Living in the present and The Presence.

(Read More About This Here ==> Wisdom in the Process of Discovery)

7. Walk tall and proud and full of assurance as you move forward in your life. Your path unfolds before you in Divine Timing.

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8. Look with the eyes and the heart of hope. Your prayers are heard.

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