Welcome to The Ascension Path Self-Guided Study Course!  

In the Summer of 2020, a group of over 50 people gathered together on Facebook for a life changing journey on The Ascension Path.  This journey was guided by the teachings of The Ancient Ones as channeled by Janice Lynch. 

The messages and lessons of this  journey are being shared now as Self-Guided Study Course that can be done alone or as a group.  All these resources are free and offered with much love by Janice Lynch in the hopes that it blesses your journey on the Ascension Path.

About The Ascension Path Messages

Over the years Janice has shared the teachings of The Ancient Ones.  If you have been following these teachings you know just how life changing they are. This has never been more true than in Messages From The Ancient Ones Volume 2 - The Ascension Path. 

In the introduction of this volume, Janice shares the following message:

What a delight to share with you this 2nd volume of writings from The Ancient Ones.  The Ancient Ones are a group of ascended beings that share their wisdom to assist us on this physical plane. 

Each week, as I compose an e-mail to The Divine Fellowship members, I sit at the computer and ask, “What would be good for us to know now.”  Almost immediately the thoughts begin to flow and I type what I “hear” as it is delivered.  I’m frequently amazed at the love and power pouring into the words as I type.  There are one year’s worth of writings collected in this Volume 2.

These weekly writings have been gathered and placed in the order in which they were written.  Unlike The Ancient Ones Volume 1 – Awakening, in which each writing held its own message, the order in which these appear has great significance.  One writing builds upon another.  

Reading from beginning to the end holds a great deal of assistance for this journey called life. You may also find a title that appeals to you at any particular time and find assistance in that writing.  Whichever way you choose to utilize these writings, may the message of The Ancient Ones Volume 2 – The Ascension Path bless you richly.

Love, Light, and Laughter,  Janice Lynch

About The Ascension Path Self-Guided Study

The  Ascension Path Self-Guided Study explores the wisdom of these teachings by reading the messages from beginning to end over a 10-week period -- 5 messages a week. Though you can adapt the schedule to your personal lifestyle. 

This study is informal, and your pace and level of effort  is whatever feels best for you.  To get the most of this process there are four things you can do to deepen your connection.  

1. Listen to Janice's Weekly Messages 

During the summer of 2020,  Janice shared messages and insights as part of Wednesday Wisdoms. These messages often closely related to the 10 Ascension Steps as well as sharing additional joy felt teachings and wisdom.

2. Read the Ancient Ones Messages and Reflect on Questions

This program is designed as a 10 week study; one week for each Ascension Step.  Each week there are 5 messages to read with "questions to ponder" that help apply The Ancient Ones teachings to your day-to-day life. You can read one message a day, with a two day break to practice what you've learned.  This schedule can be adapted to fit your lifestyle. 

You can read the messages in the hard copy of Volume 2, available for purchase, or you can use the links to the messages provided for each of the Ascension Steps.

3. Keep a Journal

The Ancient Ones remind us that "gratitude leads to more gratitude and that joy leads to more joy."  These higher vibrational energies assist along our Ascension Path.  Keeping a journal is one way to tap into these energies.  

You can make your own journal or download and print the Journal in the resource section.  Each journal entry corresponds to an Ancient Ones message and includes a gratitude, an appreciation, an acknowledgment of your own efforts. There is also a place to write your thoughts of how the particular message that you are reading applies in your life as part of your Daily Practice.

4. Participate in the Facebook Discussion Group

The Ascension Path with The Ancient Ones Facebook Group (link below) is the main area where you will get to share your thoughts and ideas with each other. It is a great place to share particular messages that have meaning for you.

We honor your choice to follow the Ascension Path, may it transform your life and help you discover the power of co-creating with Divine Spirit!


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Gratitude Journal

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