Wednesday Wisdoms:  Janice shows a way cool process using the Peace Point for healing and transformation.

Ascension Step 8 

Theme - Anchoring to Ascension Truth of Sacredness

Affirmation - When I apply expanded awareness I am sacred, I walk on sacred ground and do sacred work.


(Messages 36 to 40 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Seeing with Your Heart – What does your Heart-of-Hearts see (perceive) that your eyes cannot?  How does your expanded awareness help others to transform?  What happens to you Heart-of-Hearts when you uplift and shift?

Revealing a Lost Perspective – What is your stress, exhaustion or fear really telling you?  How does one awaken to Divine Protection?  What perspectives shifted for you so far on this journey? 

Your Ascension Path – How does it feel to walk on Sacred Ground?  What uplifts daily tasks into sacred work?  What is your experience of sensing the physical world along with the spiritual realms? 

Ascension Truth – What changes around you cause you fear or discomfort?  What words can you use to describe your true self?  How does this description anchor you on your Ascension Path?

Which Path Will You Choose? – What’s on your ‘to-do’ list today?  Does it seem burdensome?  What sacredness is there in the action to fulfill your ‘to-do’ items?  What is the result of applying sacred awareness to actions?

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 8, we explored the insights within our Heart-of-Hearts.  We shifted our perspective and discovered Divine Protection.  We noticed Sacred Ground and sacred work.  We described ourselves from the perspective of our true self – not our own judgment or another’s judgment of us.  We gave ourselves opportunities to bring sacredness into everyday tasks.

- Steps Along the Path -

I am learning to listen to my Heart-of-Hearts.

Divine Source protects me.

I am aware of my physical journey as I walk a spiritual path.

I re-define myself through sacred awareness.

I bring sacredness into all that I choose to do.