Wednesday Wisdoms: Janice guides us into our Sacred Space, a place of peace, a place to manifest what it is you want in your life.

Ascension Step 3 

Theme - Creating a Higher Level of Awareness

Affirmation - Gladness returns me to Sacred Awareness where I shine as a beacon of light.  


(Messages 11 to 15 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Moving Forward – Last week we found peace in moments of rest.  Is this different than finding rest within moments of peace?  What is one thing you can do today to bring the bliss of peace to yourself?  Where in your body do you experience peace?

Filling the Heart – Name a challenge in your life, then notice its secret beauty.  What is one thing you are willing to see, do, or be in order to access grace?  How quickly does grace fill your heart? 

Finding your Sacred Self – Who do you admire?  Why?  How do you express those same qualities – perhaps in a different way?  Which of these qualities would be a blessing to the world?   How might you embody one of these qualities?  Can you perceive yourself shining as a beacon of light?

The Key to Joy – What might you say, generally speaking, is the nature of your energetic field?  Notice and name a blessing.  Be glad about it.  In what way does your energy field shift?  (What do you experience about yourself after you engendered gladness?)  As your eyes brighten spiritually, what do you see, notice or experience?  How might this have significance in your journey?

Moment of Awareness – Where do you feel is the center of the light of your intent within your body?  Heart-space?  Mind?  Guts?  Energy Field?  3rd Eye?  Or ____?  Move your awareness to your big toe.  How does it feel to move your awareness here?  What is something you can think, say or do to bring your awareness back to center quickly and easily?

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 3, we returned to moments of peace and grace by noticing the sacred beauty within our awareness.  We came to recognize our Sacred Self as a beacon of light.  We deepened our awareness through gladness.  We explored ways to return our awareness back to center effortlessly.

- Steps Along the Path -

Peace brings me moments of bliss 

My heart accesses grace

I am a beacon of light

I embrace joy

The higher level of awareness blesses me and the world