Wednesday Wisdoms: Janice shares a powerful process for manifesting using the infinity symbol.

Ascension Step 4 

Theme - Tools for Change

Affirmation - As I step into whole-hearted awareness, Spirit and I create change and abundance for myself and others.


(Messages 16 to 20 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Shift your Filter – What do you see (envision) for yourself within the next year?  What filters block this vision:  It’s too hard, I’m alone, I can’t who me, or ______________?  What filters support this vision:  Joy gratitude, faith, hope, peace or __________________?  Which filter allows you to perceive Divine Presence as a source of assistance for the vision?  Did the vision change or shift?

Your Essence of Being – From a perspective of peace, how do you perceive yourself now?  (In comparison to your perception of self prior to starting this study group.)  Noticing your connection to Divine Source, can you sense your power beneath the surface?  What could you do with that power/energy?

Today – What is one thing you could do today with your whole heart?  From this place of intent/purposefulness, notice (then share) how abundance shows up for you today.

Welcoming Blessed Energy – Name something on your heart you could pray about.  Use the Bowed Prayer posture while speaking to Divine Source about this.  Move into the Welcoming Way and receive energy.  What insight or blessing did you receive?

Habituated Patterns – Name one positive habituated pattern in your life.  How long did it take you to create that pattern?  What new pattern might you want to bring into your life?  How can you access the Light to guide you into creating a positive pattern that sticks quickly?

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 4, we took a spiritual look at our future with our heart focused on today.  We welcomed blessed energy and the insights it brings through prayer and open heartedness.  We noticed patters without being restricted by them.  We created new patterns of Light to support our vision.

- Steps Along the Path -

I shift my filter to expand my awareness

I notice the power waiting for my attention

I live today whole-heartedly

Blessed energy flows to me and grants me insights

I recreate my life as my journey unfolds