Ascension Step 10 and Beyond

Ascension Step 10 and Beyond

Congratulations on Completing the Ascension Path Self-Study Guide. We hope you continue on your journey with us.  For the latest messages from The Ancient Ones go to The Ancient Ones' page.  

Walking the Ascension Path -

There were a lot of things along the way in this course of study that you already knew.  Maybe you didn’t know you knew, but when presented with this information, it felt familiar and true.  

This journey is not about perfection but about perception.  What you notice has opportunity to be of service to you so that you can be of service in your world.  

You can change your thinking in an instant and you can adapt to changes effortlessly without changing the truth of who you are – a brilliant being of light!  This light can and will change the world.  

Trust the process and be the light that you are!  

Many blessings.