Wednesday Wisdoms: Janice takes a look at "I Am..." statements and how to amplify and use them to empower your life.

Ascension Step 7 

Theme - Light Creates Change

Affirmation - I am clear and empowered on my Ascension path.


(Messages 31 to 35 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Manifesting in Brilliance – What would you like to create in your life?  What “nudges” from Divine Source have you noticed?  In what way are you a loving manifestation of Divine Source?

Choosing to Create – Take a moment and choose to create an energy field of either peace, joy, or harmony.  Notice the time and space you just created and send those energies across the globe.  What is your experience of that? 

Tender Strengthening – Which old trauma might you tend to call back to yourself to suffer again and again?  Noticing that Divine Source stands ready to catch this with love and Light, can you release it or toss it away from you?  What new scaffolding is being gifted to you to support you now? 

Reclaiming Your Power – What 4 keys to Ascension Power are listed in this reading?  Have you been reluctant to claim your power in the past?  What empowers you now?

Your Heart’s Fulfillment – How is hope different than expectation?  What do you hope for now?  What next steps to fulfilling that hope are being awakened within you now?

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 7,  we are opening to “nudges” from Divine Source so that we may create what we choose.  We release old traumas so that we obtain new structures/scaffolding to support our new journey.  We reclaim our power with joy and peace so that we may fulfill our heart’s desires.

- Steps Along the Path -

Light guides me and gives me guidance.

The energies I create I share with the whole planet.

I am supported as I release old trauma.

I am supported as I reclaim my power.

My heart finds its fulfillment through hope.