Wednesday Wisdoms: Janice's meditation guides us to a Sacred Bridge where we can cleanse and clear our energy.

Ascension Step 5 

Theme - I am Ascending

Affirmation - My connection to Spirit grants me hope and ignites my life's purpose.


(Messages 21 to 25 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Tapping into the Spiritual Wellspring – What might be holding you back or delaying your progress (spiritually or in the physical realm)?  If your well-spring from Source was real, what would it look like?  How does it feel to notice your Spiritual Wellspring?  Where might it reside within your awareness?

The Ascension Path –What makes the Ascension Path seem difficult?  What makes it feel easy?  What differences in your life have you experienced since your started walking your Ascension Path? 

Your Soul Hears Your Heart-of-Hearts – Consider a situation in  your life.  Do a sincere scan with your awareness. What does your Heart-of-Hearts show you?  If your Heart-of-Hearts shows you guideposts and mile markers on your Ascension Path, what might those be for you now?  (What do you perceive as guidance?  How do you perceive it?)

Spark of Change – Notice yourself with the intent of value.  What do you see/ perceive?  Notice your surroundings.  What catches your attention.  What insights does this offer you?  Did you feel the spark within you just get brighter?  How might you set your intent to act with kindness and purposefulness today? (Words you might say to express that intent)

Hope – Notice and perceive the crystallized energy of disappointment.  Where is it in your body?  What is the essence of the hope behind the disappointment?  Ask for Divine Light to nourish and fulfill this hope.  Feel the power of hope as it dispels the disappointment.  Describe your experience of this.

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 5, we moved through delays and disappointments.  We tapped into the wellspring of Divine Assistance and Hope.  We learned how to hear our Heart-of-Hearts by listening with our soul.  We sensed the spark of our intent grow brighter.  How cool is this!?!

- Steps Along the Path -

I freely tap into the Spiritual Wellspring

I walk an ever unfolding journey along the Ascension Path

My soul listens and hears my Heart-of-Hearts as it guides me along the path

I cherish the spark of intent within me

Hope dissipates disappointment