Wednesday Wisdoms: Janice shares a process for noticing, healing and sealing our auras. The guided meditation takes us to a Sacred Island.

Ascension Step 6 

Theme - Spiritual Support in the Physical World

Affirmation - My Ascension Path is filled with healing, insights and Truth.


(Messages 26 to 30 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Garden of Your Heart – As you notice an object, how does your awareness shift?  Does the object seem brighter or just feel significant?  Which quality of energy engages within you through noticing? Radiance of being?  Gratitude?  Spiritual connection? Or Spiritual strength? 

We walk with You – Do you have a sense of the Ancient Ones presence?  What is your experience of that?  How does it feel to know they are here out of their free will because of our free will?  How does their definition of joy fit for you? 

Walk in the Light of Truth – How does sorrow and sweetness exist together for you?  What truth are you “speaking” with your life?  What happens when you allow kindness to flow from you? 

Winter – Festive Season of Healing – What is something you might be anguishing about?  How do Angels of Mercy work?  Though it’s not winter with holiday lights, next time you are at a red light, absorb the red light through the eyes of observation and feel the red energy bring vitality and strength.  What is your experience of this?

Trust with a Capital ‘T’ – Have you ever misplaced a trust?  What were the results?  How does trust with a capital ‘T’ support and sustain your now on your Ascension Path?  How do you find that kind of Trust?

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 6,  we discovered that our spiritual strength and connection grows as we notice our physical world.  We have a sense of the Ancient Ones being with us as we open to new insights.  We realize that our lives speak our truth to the world.  We experienced light energy from street lights (and other lights) bringing us strength when we apply our awareness to the process.  We are learning a higher level of Trust.  Trust in ourselves and in Divine Source.

- Steps Along the Path -

My awareness is growing.

The Truth of who I am reveals itself in my actions.

Full awareness of my free will brings me joy.

Healing energy flows to me through the lights in my world.

Trust supports and sustains me.