Wednesday Wisdoms: Getting past mental chatter and into spiritual listening.

Ascension Step 2 

Theme - Initializing Your Soul's Song

Affirmation - As Sacred Observer, I create a safe haven for my Soul’s Song to emerge. 


(Messages 6 to 10 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Power of Silence – What creates auditory clutter in your world?  TV?  Radio?  Facebook?  Self criticism? Other’s complaining?  Does peaceful silence seem foreign or uncomfortable?  How can you create a peaceful experience with Silence?

Renewal – What change(s) are you being called to create?  What key phrase (Truth) do you create to call yourself out of negativity and back on to the Ascension Path?

From Irritation to Bliss – What does it mean to be a Sacred Observer?  What might your irritation be revealing to you?  What brings you bliss?

Words Create Opportunity – Do you feel like you are waiting?  Blocked?  No opportunity to move forward? Feeling overwhelmed?  Can’t see what to do?  Things seem too hard?  Create your own or choose one of these verbal directives to assist you through.  Doors of opportunity open to me now.  The gates of abundance open to me now.  Spirit and I build bridges to healing.  I have help on my journey.  Spirit guide me now.  My path unfolds.  I easily take the next step on my Ascension Path.  Or ____________________.

Your Heart’s Song – What takes your awareness offline most often?  What does your safe haven feel like?  What feeds your faith?  Does one’s Soul Song change?

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 2, we created peace within silence to renew our being so that we could become the Sacred Observer.  We discovered the power of the visualize words we speak to ourselves to create a safe haven where we can live our Soul’s Song and feel the bliss of it.

- Steps Along the Path -

I step into the silence and find peace

I utilize a key phrase to call myself out of negativity and back onto my Ascension Path

As Sacred Observer I take a new look at irritations

I use my words to create new opportunities    

 I live my Soul’s Song in all that I do