Wednesday Wisdoms: Janice provides a spiritual prospective on our callings. 

Ascension Step 1 

Theme - Choosing the Unfolding Path to Freedom

Affirmation - I hear the call and am free to choose the Path of Ascension.


(Messages 1 to 5 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Call to Freedom - Do you have a sense of “being called”?  Have you had this sense very long?  How does it feel?

Remembering Self - Who are you really?  Who do others say you are?  What steps can you take to allow potentially draining experiences to wash over you?  What does a drained spirit feel like?  What does a “renewed spirit” feel like?

Moving into Your Next Step - Do you agree with the Ancient Ones that you cannot miss your path?  Do you have a sense of your path unfolding?  How does your spiritual core respond to your unfolding path?

The Journey - Have you ever felt mad at Divine Source because you have suffered?  How did you shift that perspective?  What is something you currently do that helps you on your spiritual journey?

New Energy - Does pain from old wounds hold sacred ground in your heart? To honor this wound and ship it to Spirit, you could:  Write a short note and burn it; take a walk in nature and release it with your breath; hum, use a drum or bell to break it up and send it away with your intent, or __________________? Once released, how might you receive clear energy to replace it

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 1, we explored our sense of calling and renewed our spirit by bringing our awareness to our true selves. From this state of awakened awareness we looked at ways to shift our perspective on the journey beyond pain and into clear powerful energy.

- Steps Along the Path -

I accept my calling

I allow Spirit to flow through me

I allow my path to unfold

I shift back to my Ascension Path as necessary

I enjoy clear, peaceful energy