Wednesday Wisdoms:  Janice takes us on a guided meditation to a junk yard! Using the treasures we find she helps us create a powerful affirmation. Download the Affirmations for this meditation in the Resource Section below.

Ascension Step 9 

Theme - Opening to More

Affirmation - I breathe in Light and expand my awareness into the future.


(Messages 41 to 45 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Follow Your Heart – What does your “inner center” feel like to you?  When you consider an action, what response does your Heart-of-Hearts give to you as a signal?  Can you hear/perceive your Heart-of-Hearts communication?

The Path of Light – How does ‘darkness’ feel to you?  Heavy?  A pressure?  Fear?  Anxiety? Worry?  Or ____ ?  How does the light that is already there feel to you once you open your awareness to it?  How does this light feel once you allow Divine Source to breathe more light into you?  What changes for you with this flow of light?

Send Forth – When you visualize, do you also smell the surroundings you are thinking about?  What other senses kick in for you?  What is your experience of sending out open-hearted optimism?

Technique for Sensing Energy – What, for you, is the difference between the feeling self and the sensing self?  Where do you feel your ring-true in your awareness?  When you reach out with your expanded awareness into “more” – what is your experience of that?

Your Sacred Path – How does discovering like-minded people in this Ascension group assist you now?  Was your transplantation process easy or challenging?  How is creativity and inspiration showing up in your life now?

Walking the Ascension Path -

In Ascension Step 9, we’ve learned to listen to our Heart-of-Hearts to receive guidance and insight.  We’ve received Light from Divine Source by utilizing our breath to move into its flow.  We sent our open-hearted optimism into the future to support our journey and to bless the world.  We’ve fine-tuned our ring-true awareness to open doors of sensing energy.  We’ve connected in to our Ascension group and felt the support that allows us to be rooted into creativity and inspiration.

- Steps Along the Path -

I listen to my Heart-of-Hearts as it communicates to me in a unique way.

Divine Source breathes light into my journey.

My visualizations change the future for myself and others.

My senses strengthen and deepen to guide me.

I am right where I need to be.


Resource 1

Affirmation for the Guided Meditation to the Junk Yard