Wednesday Wisdoms:  Guided Meditation to The Lighthouse. We had a power outage that cut off that last moments of the meditation explanation.  You will have an idea where you'd like it to go, so you can imagine what works for you!

Ascension Step 10 

Theme - Ascension Peace Fills my Soul's Song

Affirmation - I walk in Ascension light and am blessed.


(Messages 46 to 51 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Three Locations Spiritual Process to Peace – Which location do you add to your awareness first?  Feet?  Heart?  Or Crown?  (You might want to try another order and see if that feels better.  It’s whatever works for you!)  What does it mean to you when the Ancient Ones say, “Peace is the gateway experience of the ethereal realms?

Perceiving then Receiving Loving Energy – What was your experience of expanding and “bumping into” the energy of Peace?  What is your sense of this energy drawing nearer to you?  What heart-felt imaginings are you visualizing for yourself now?

Ascension Energy – Do you struggle with discouragement, boredom or physical pain for now?  What is your sense of the spiritual beings that assist you with these struggles?  How do these spiritual beings help you?  Do you see/perceive the Ascension light?

The Soul’s Song – How do you think people perceive you?  What might people say to describe you – generally speaking?  What is the essence of your Soul song?  Would you like it to be more or different?  Can you imagine the chorus we make as we walk this Ascension Path together?

Getting Ready for Change – Do you feel that you have changed much during this course of study?  If so, how would you describe those changes?  How does “High Alert” appear in your awareness?  How is this different than anxiety or fear for you?  What changes do you feel might be coming for you?

Your Faith-Walk - The Ascension Path is ever unfolding before you.  You are a bright light in a time of great need for light.  You know more than you think you know.  You walk in power and in grace.

Walking the Ascension Path -

 We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?  We are accessing the ethereal realms in a new, clearer way.  We invite peace and it expands within our awareness – no matter what else is going on!  We perceive spiritual beings that are here to assist us and we welcome their help.  We have a Soul Song that the world perceives and we are growing that Soul Song into something magnificent.  We are alert and open for the next level of awareness, creativity and insight to come to us.  We walk in Faith. 

- Steps Along the Path -

Peace is a part of my journey.

I draw Peace to me and it draws near to me.

I walk in Ascension Light and am blessed.

My soul song is expanding.

I am eager and ready for whatever is next.

I take it one day at a time in sacredness and awareness.