You may feel as if you are experiencing emotional upheaval or emotional shut down. You may feel distanced or disconnected, or

Escaping the Trap

The energy you seek is already here.The love you seek is already here.The light you seek is already here.The joy you

A Sacred Connection

Your awakened self now experiences life with new perceptions, expanded awareness, and new vision. This vision is not only the sacred

The Eyes of Your Heart-of-Hearts

For now, in this moment, you are more powerful than you know. Past experiences have attempted to teach you that you

A Path of Honor

You, Dear One, are awakening more fully to the Light. In this awakening, you find yourself standing without fear. Well, without

Seeking the Like-Minded Ones

Through the darkness, a door opens into the Light. There exist many doors . . . Doors of Light that bring

The Doors of Light

How do you currently perceive yourself? Distraught?  Discouraged?  Stressed?  Uplifted?  Supported?  Divinely Guided?  All of the above? It's true. One can both feel


As you walk your sacred path of Ascension, you may find constant distractions. It may feel as if you are alone.

Walking the Clear Path

You have come a long way in your journey, have you not? Each day reveals more insights for you and you notice

The Blessing

Feast upon the Love we share with you. Your souls hunger for a taste of this. Life attempts to teach you

A Gift of Love

Each step you now take sets you upon a direction of your life. Each choice you make sets you in the

Expanded Feelings Open The Way

Your life-force energy requires food, water, clothing - all aspects of nurturance, sustenance, and support. Your energy-life-force requires nothing from you.

Wavelength of Love

Your journey thus far has taken you through difficult places and through moments of delight.  It is our sincere hope for

Your Bright Heart

You may feel or be experiencing a gap between where you are and where you want to be. You may feel


One cannot move forward if they are continually looking back. Your past has much to teach you should you choose to

Sacred Gift in Time

Your hearts are troubled, Dear Ones. For us this appears as a shroud over your hearts and a dimming of your

HeartCenter Activation

Blessings Dear Ones.We thank those who joined us upon the Ascension Path Study group and experienced joy, connection, and spiritual expansion.

The Journey Begins

Sometimes life sits in delay. Some of that delay is your own unwillingness to move forward out of fear or fretting

Tapping into the Spiritual Wellspring

Your heart and your mind link with your soul/spirit to create . . . to create!! What your heart desires and

Manifesting in Brilliance

You are on your way. Your journey unfolds before you.You may, perhaps, see the same old thing. the same old work,

Your Essence of Being

Each day, you shift and transform. Yet, each day you remain you. Your body ages, but your spirit remains young. Your

Getting Ready for Change