Take a look at the pictures below. Each image corresponds to a message from the Ancient Ones. Which image catches your eye, stirs your emotions, or just feels right?  Let your intuition guide you! 

Then... using the number of the picture, scroll down below to find your affirmation, points to ponder, and message from the Ancient Ones!

Take the time to use the affirmation throughout your day and to write down your thoughts on the Points to Ponder.


Affirmation:  Full awareness of my free will brings me joy

Things to Ponder:  How does sorrow and sweetness exist together for you? What truth are you “speaking” with your life? What happens when you allow kindness to flow from you?

For the full message go to: Walk in the Light of Truth


Affirmation:  Light guides me and gives me guidance.

Things to Ponder:  What would you like to create in your life? What “nudges” from Divine Source have you noticed? In what way are you a loving manifestation of Divine Source?

For the full message go to: Manifesting in Brilliance


Affirmation:  A higher level of awareness blesses me and the world.

Things to Ponder:  Where do you feel is the center of the light of your intent within your body? Heart-space? Mind? Guts? Energy Field? 3rd Eye? Or ____? Move your awareness to your big toe. How does it feel to move your awareness here? What is something you can think, say or do to bring your awareness back to center quickly and easily?

For the full message go to: Moments of Awareness


Affirmation:  I re-define myself through sacred awareness.

Things to Ponder:  What changes around you cause you fear or discomfort? What words can you use to describe your true self? How does this description anchor you on your Ascension Path?

For the full message go to: Ascension Truth


Affirmation:  I shift back to my Ascension Path as necessary.

Things to Ponder:  Have you ever felt mad at Divine Source because you have suffered? How did you shift that perspective? What is something you currently do that helps you on your spiritual journey?

For the full message go to: The Journey


Affirmation:  My heart finds its fulfillment through Hope.

Things to Ponder:  How is hope different than expectation? What do you hope for now? What next steps to fulfilling that hope are being awakened within you now?

For the full message go to: Your Heart's Fulfillment


Affirmation:  I am aware of my physical journey as I walk a spritual path.

Things to Ponder:  How does it feel to walk on Sacred Ground? What uplifts daily tasks into sacred work? What is your experience of sensing the physical world along with the spiritual realms?

For the full message go to: Your Ascension Path


Affirmation:  My soul's song is expanding.

Things to Ponder:  How do you think people perceive you? What might people say to describe you – generally speaking? What is the essence of your Soul song? Would you like it to be more or different? Can you imagine the chorus we make as we walk this Ascension Path together?

For the full message go to: The Soul's Song


Affirmation:  I step into Silence and find Peace.

Things to Ponder:  What creates auditory clutter in your world?  TV? Radio? Facebook? Self-criticism? Other’s complaining? Does peaceful silence seem foreign or uncomfortable? How can you create a peaceful experience with Silence?

For the full message go to: The Power of Silence


Affirmation:  I take it one day at a time in Sacred Awareness.

Things to Ponder:  The Ascension Path is ever unfolding before you. You are a bright light in a time of great need for light. You know more than you think you know. You walk in power and in grace. Do you feel the Truth of this?

For the full message go to: Your Faith-Walk


Affirmation:  Trust supports and sustains me.

Things to Ponder:  Have you ever misplaced a trust? What were the results? How does trust with a capital ‘T’ support and sustain you now on your Ascension Path? How do you find that kind of Trust?

For the full message go to: Trust with a Capital 'T'


Affirmation:  My visualizations change the future for myself and others.

Things to Ponder:  When you visualize, do you also smell the surroundings you are thinking about? What other senses kick in for you? What is your experience of sending out open-hearted optimism?

For the full message go to: Send Forth