You, in this moment exist in your physical realm and within the spiritual realms. In the physical realm, you experience your

Your Ascension Path

As this day unfolds - or as it closes in rest, notice where you are right now - in this moment.

Revealing a Lost Perspective

You see with your eyes and judge with your mind.We ask you to look, for now, with your heart-of-hearts at everything

Seeing with Your Heart

Your heart longs for fulfillment. Yet, you might not know what that is or how that looks. What the heart finds

Your Heart’s Fulfillment

As a New Year unfolds before you, we encourage you to release yesterday's disappointments and sorrows while claiming yesterday's insights and

Tender Strengthening

There is time and there is space for the things that matter. Take the time to choose which things matter for

Choosing To Create

As this day unfolds, you are living your truth.Truth is not only the accurate words spoken with a sincere heart, it

Walk in the Light of Truth

You are being called.Into what? You might ask.Into conscious awareness and into your own life. We see how the stresses of

Call to Freedom

Whatever the physical season, the garden of your heart ever blooms with radiance and the sweet fragrance of gratitude.Though your physical

The Garden of Your Heart

This festive season on Earth holds great energy for healing.Yes, we also see the sorrow and the trauma generated around this

Winter – The Festive Season of Healing

We are here.We are in this moment.Whatever you choose to engage in, we walk with you.Our purpose is not to control

We Walk with You

You hold on to disappointments as if they were precious to you. Disappointments and the hurt that ensues obstructs your spiritual


There is a war waging within you.Part of you knows that you have sacred value and a distinct purpose to fulfill

The Spark of Change

Your Heart-of -Hearts speaks to you. It speaks to you all day long. Can you hear it? Can you perceive it?It

Your Soul Hears Your Heart-of-Hearts

Habituated patterns embed themselves into your life. This is neither right nor wrong. It just is. However, some of those habituated

Habituated Patterns

Today is here now. Are you here within it? Is your awareness lagging behind in the past or scampering ahead of


The human capacity for filtering information is profound. Scientific studies yield opposing viewpoints depending upon the ones interpreting the evidence.Two people

Shift Your Filter

We wish to convey to you how powerful you are.We wish to convey to you how magnificent you are.We wish to

Finding your Sacred Self

You've heard the call to follow your heart. However, before you follow your heart, it requires filling. An empty heart leads

Filling the Heart

We honor you on your journey thus far. You walk with Light in your heart and in your awareness. Only a

Your Heart’s Song

Gateways, doorways, bridges, stepping stones, highways, trails, paths, stairways - all describe an aspect or detail of a journey.In some journeys,

Words Create Opportunity