This page includes links to the messages contained in the book "Messages From the Ancient Ones - Volume 1 - Awakening."  You can look for a particular message or choose one using the card selector at the bottom of the page. 

May your Awakening be Blessed.

The Awakening Study Group

The 2021 Awakening Study Group will explore the wisdom of the Ancient Ones' teachings by reading the messages from the Awakenings - Volume 1 from beginning to end over a 6-month period -- 2 to 3 messages a week. This group provides an opportunity to share ideas and inspirations received from the readings.  (Scroll below to see the monthly schedule and links to the messages.)

This group is informal, and you can choose the level of involvement that is right for you.  Here are some things you can do to get the most from the messages. 

1. Read the Ancient Ones Messages 

You can read the messages in the hard copy of Volume 1 (a few copies are still available for purchase from Janice Lynch), you can use the links to the messages provided below, or you can use the links that will be posted in the Facebook Discussion Group.  

Click Here to Download the Monthly Schedule

2. Participate in the Facebook Discussion Group

The Ancient Ones Facebook Group is an area where you get to share your thoughts and ideas with each other. It is a place to share how a particular message has meaning for you. Active participation not only enhances your experience, but is a blessing to others in the group.

Click Here To Go To The Facebook Discussion Group

3. Keep an Awakening Journal

 You can make your own journal or download and print the Awakening Journal below.  Each journal entry corresponds to an Ancient Ones message and includes a gratitude, an appreciation, and an acknowledgment of your own efforts. There is also a place to write your thoughts of how the particular message that you are reading applies in your life.

Click To Download The Awakening Journal

4. Join the Monthly Zoom Discussions.

The first Wednesday of Every Month, there will be a Zoom discussion Group. It will be a chance to talk with others on the Awakening Journey about the previous month's messages.  Topics will vary and will be determined based on the messages. The Zoom link and time will be posted on the Facebook Discussion Group.

Click To Download Zoom Schedule and Questions

Find your message from The Ancient Ones

Before you begin, take a moment and think of your focus.  Do you have a specific issue for which you would like clarity? Or perhaps you would like general insights on your Spiritual Journey. With your focus in mind.  Click on the “Shuffle” button below (this divinely selects a card from a larger deck). Click on the back of the card and read your message!

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On the card is a number, this number refers to a specific message above (and to the page number in Volume 1 - Awakening). For additional insights, click on the link to read the full message.

For an extra bonus, shuffle and click on the back of one of the cards below to get your Affirmation from The Ascension Path Affirmations Cards. 

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