This page includes links to the messages contained in the book "Messages From the Ancient Ones - Volume 1 - Awakening."  You can scroll down to find a specific message or use the card selector below to divinely select a message.

May your Awakening be Blessed.

Find your message from The Ancient Ones

Before you begin, take a moment and think of your focus.  Do you have a specific issue for which you would like clarity? Or perhaps you would like general insights on your Spiritual Journey. With your focus in mind.  Click on the “Shuffle” button below (this divinely selects cards from a larger deck). Click on the back of the card you are drawn to and read your message!


On the card is a number, this number refers to a specific message below (and to the page number in Volume 1 - Awakening). For additional insights, click on the link to read the full message.