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About the Schedule....

The Ascension Path Self-Guided Study Course is designed as a 10 week study; one week for each Ascension Step. The material for each Ascension Step is covered over a period of 5 days followed by 2 days of putting into practice all that you've learned.  Feel free to adapt this schedule to fit your lifestyle. You can come back to this site as needed to get the information for each Ascension Step.  

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Over the years Janice has shared the teachings of The Ancient Ones.  If you have been following these teachings you know just how life changing they are. This has never been more true than in Messages From The Ancient Ones Volume 2 - The Ascension Path. 

In the introduction of this volume, Janice shares the following message:

What a delight to share with you this 2nd volume of writings from The Ancient Ones.  The Ancient Ones are a group of ascended beings that share their wisdom to assist us on this physical plane. 
Each week, as I compose an e-mail to The Divine Fellowship members, I sit at the computer and ask, “What would be good for us to know now.”  Almost immediately the thoughts begin to flow and I type what I “hear” as it is delivered.  I’m frequently amazed at the love and power pouring into the words as I type.  There are one year’s worth of writings collected in this Volume 2.
These weekly writings have been gathered and placed in the order in which they were written.  Unlike The Ancient Ones Volume 1 – Awakening, in which each writing held its own message, the order in which these appear has great significance.  One writing builds upon another.  
Reading from beginning to the end holds a great deal of assistance for this journey called life. You may also find a title that appeals to you at any particular time and find assistance in that writing.  Whichever way you choose to utilize these writings, may the message of The Ancient Ones Volume 2 – The Ascension Path bless you richly.
Love, Light, and Laughter,  Janice Lynch

The  Ascension Path Self-Guided Study explores the wisdom of these teachings by reading the messages from beginning to end over a 10-week period -- 5 messages a week.

To see what is going on each week go to the Quick Navigation bar (at the top of the page)  and click on that particular week.

This study is informal, and your pace and level of effort  is whatever feels best for you.  To get the most of this process there are four things you can do to deepen your connection.  

1. Read the Ancient Ones Messages and Reflect on Questions

This program is designed as a 10 week study; one week for each Ascension Step.  Each week there are 5 messages to read with "questions to ponder" that help apply The Ancient Ones teachings to your day-to-day life. You can read one message a day, with a two day break to practice what you've learned.  This schedule can be adapted to fit your lifestyle. 

You can read the messages in the hard copy of Volume 2, available for purchase, or you can use the links to the messages provided for each of the Ascension Steps below or you can get a list of messages in the link below.

2. Keep a Journal

The Ancient Ones remind us that "gratitude leads to more gratitude and that joy leads to more joy."  These higher vibrational energies assist along our Ascension Path.  Keeping a journal is one way to tap into these energies.  

You can make your own journal or download and print the Journal below.  Each journal entry corresponds to an Ancient Ones message and includes a gratitude, an appreciation, an acknowledgment of your own efforts. There is also a place to write your thoughts of how the particular message that you are reading applies in your life as part of your Daily Practice.

3. Listen to Janice's Weekly Messages 

During the summer of 2020,  Janice shared messages and insights as part of Wednesday Wisdoms. These messages often closely related to the 10 Ascension Steps. You can listen to these recordings below.

4. Participate in the Facebook Discussion Group

The Ascension Path with The Ancient Ones Facebook Group is the main area where you will get to share your thoughts and ideas with each other. It is a great place to share particular messages that have meaning for you.

Before you start this journey, if you have not had the empowering experience of activating your Ascension Orb make sure to check out  "Activating Your Ascension Orb" .  

We honor your choice to follow the Ascension Path, may it transform your life and help you discover the power of co-creating with Divine Spirit!

Ascension Step 1 

Theme - Choosing the Unfolding Path to Freedom


I hear the call and am free to choose the Path of Ascension.


(Messages 1 to 5 in the "Ascension Path")

Questions to Ponder:

Day 1 - Call to Freedom - Do you have a sense of “being called”?  Have you had this sense very long?  How does it feel?

Day 2 - Remembering Self - Who are you really?  Who do others say you are?  What steps can you take to allow potentially draining experiences to wash over you?  What does a drained spirit feel like?  What does a “renewed spirit” feel like?

Day 3 - Next Step - Do you agree with the Ancient Ones that you cannot miss your path?  Do you have a sense of your path unfolding?  How does your spiritual core respond to your unfolding path?

Day 4 - The Journey - Have you ever felt mad at Divine Source because you have suffered?  How did you shift that perspective?  What is something you currently do that helps you on your spiritual journey?

Day 5 - New Energy - Does pain from old wounds hold sacred ground in your heart? To honor this wound and ship it to Spirit, you could:  Write a short note and burn it; take a walk in nature and release it with your breath; hum, use a drum or bell to break it up and send it away with your intent, or __________________? Once released, how might you receive clear energy to replace it

Days 6 & 7 - Walking the Ascension Path - In Ascension Step 1, we explore our sense of calling and renew our spirit by bringing our awareness to our true selves. From this state of awakened awareness we look at ways to shift our perspective on the journey beyond pain and into clear powerful energy.

Steps Along the Path:

  • I accept my calling
  • I allow Spirit to flow through me
  • I allow my path to unfold
  • I shift back to my Ascension Path as necessary
  • I enjoy clear, peaceful energy

Wednesday Wisdoms:

Janice provides a spiritual prospective on our callings. 

Ascension Step 2 

Theme - Initializing Your Soul's Song


As Sacred Observer, I create a safe haven for my Soul’s Song to emerge. 


(Messages 6 to 10 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1 – Power of Silence – What creates auditory clutter in your world?  TV?  Radio?  Facebook?  Self criticism? Other’s complaining?  Does peaceful silence seem foreign or uncomfortable?  How can you create a peaceful experience with Silence?

Day 2 – Renewal – What change(s) are you being called to create?  What key phrase (Truth) do you create to call yourself out of negativity and back on to the Ascension Path?

Day 3 – From Irritation to Bliss – What does it mean to be a Sacred Observer?  What might your irritation be revealing to you?  What brings you bliss?

Day 4 – Words Create Opportunity – Do you feel like you are waiting?  Blocked?  No opportunity to move forward? Feeling overwhelmed?  Can’t see what to do?  Things seem too hard?  Create your own or choose one of these verbal directives to assist you through.  Doors of opportunity open to me now.  The gates of abundance open to me now.  Spirit and I build bridges to healing.  I have help on my journey.  Spirit guide me now.  My path unfolds.  I easily take the next step on my Ascension Path.  Or ____________________.

Day 5 – Your Heart’s Song – What takes your awareness offline most often?  What does your safe haven feel like?  What feeds your faith?  Does one’s Soul Song change?

Days 6 & 7 - Walking the Ascension Path – We created peace within silence to renew our being so that we could become the Sacred Observer.  We discovered the power of the visualize words we speak to ourselves to create a safe haven where we can live our Soul’s Song and feel the bliss of it.

Steps Along The Path         
  • I step into the silence and find peace
  • I utilize a key phrase to call myself out of negativity and back onto my Ascension Path
  • As Sacred Observer I take a new look at irritations
  • I use my words to create new opportunities    
  •  I live my Soul’s Song in all that I do

Wednesday Wisdoms

Janice talks about silence and spiritual listening.

Ascension Step 3 

Theme - Creating a Higher Level of Awareness


Gladness returns me to Sacred Awareness where I shine as a beacon of light.  


(Messages 11 to 15 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1 – Moving Forward – Last week we found peace in moments of rest.  Is this different than finding rest within moments of peace?  What is one thing you can do today to bring the bliss of peace to yourself?  Where in your body do you experience peace?

Day 2 – Filling the Heart – Name a challenge in your life, then notice its secret beauty.  What is one thing you are willing to see, do, or be in order to access grace?  How quickly does grace fill your heart? 

Day 3 – Finding your Sacred Self – Who do you admire?  Why?  How do you express those same qualities – perhaps in a different way?  Which of these qualities would be a blessing to the world?   How might you embody one of these qualities?  Can you perceive yourself shining as a beacon of light?

Day 4 – The Key to Joy – What might you say, generally speaking, is the nature of your energetic field?  Notice and name a blessing.  Be glad about it.  In what way does your energy field shift?  (What do you experience about yourself after you engendered gladness?)  As your eyes brighten spiritually, what do you see, notice or experience?  How might this have significance in your journey?

Day 5 – Moment of Awareness – Where do you feel is the center of the light of your intent within your body?  Heart-space?  Mind?  Guts?  Energy Field?  3rd Eye?  Or ____?  Move your awareness to your big toe.  How does it feel to move your awareness here?  What is something you can think, say or do to bring your awareness back to center quickly and easily?

Days 6 & 7 – Walking the Ascension Path – We returned to moments of peace and brace by noticing the sacred beauty within our awareness.  We came to recognize our Sacred Self as a beacon of light.  We deepened our awareness through gladness.  We explored ways to return our awareness back to center effortlessly.

Steps Along the Path
  • Peace brings me moments of bliss 
  • My heart accesses grace
  • I am a beacon of light
  • I embrace joy
  • The higher level of awareness blesses me and the world

Wednesday Wisdoms

Janice guides us into our Sacred Space, a place of peace, a place to manifest what it is you want in your life.

Ascension Step 4 

Theme - Tools for Change


As I step into whole-hearted awareness, Spirit and I create change and abundance for myself and others


(Messages 16 to 20 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1 – Shift your Filter – What do you see (envision) for yourself within the next year?  What filters block this vision:  It’s too hard, I’m alone, I can’t who me, or ______________?  What filters support this vision:  Joy gratitude, faith, hope, peace or __________________?  Which filter allows you to perceive Divine Presence as a source of assistance for the vision?  Did the vision change or shift?

Day 2 – Your Essence of Being – From a perspective of peace, how do you perceive yourself now?  (In comparison to your perception of self prior to starting this study group.)  Noticing your connection to Divine Source, can you sense your power beneath the surface?  What could you do with that power/energy?

Day 3 – Today – What is one thing you could do today with your whole heart?  From this place of intent/purposefulness, notice (then share) how abundance shows up for you today.

Day 4 – Welcoming Blessed Energy – Name something on your heart you could pray about.  Use the Bowed Prayer posture while speaking to Divine Source about this.  Move into the Welcoming Way and receive energy.  What insight or blessing did you receive?

Day 5 – Habituated Patterns – Name one positive habituated pattern in your life.  How long did it take you to create that pattern?  What new pattern might you want to bring into your life?  How can you access the Light to guide you into creating a positive pattern that sticks quickly?

Days 6 & 7 - Walking the Path of Ascension:  We took a spiritual look at our future with our heart focused on today.  We welcomed blessed energy and the insights it brings through prayer and open heartedness.  We notice patters without being restricted by them.  We created new patterns of Light to support our vision.

Steps Along The Path         
  • I shift my filter to expand my awareness 
  • I notice the power waiting for my attention
  • I live today whole-heartedly
  • Blessed energy flows to me and grants me insights
  • I recreate my life as my journey unfolds

Wednesday Wisdoms

Janice shares a process for manifesting using the infinity symbol.

Ascension Step 5 

Theme - I am Ascending

My connection to Spirit grants me hope and ignites my life's purpose.


(Messages 21 to 25 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1 – Tapping into the Spiritual Wellspring – What might be holding you back or delaying your progress (spiritually or in the physical realm)?  If your well-spring from Source was real, what would it look like?  How does it feel to notice your Spiritual Wellspring?  Where might it reside within your awareness?

Day 2 – The Ascension Path –What makes the Ascension Path seem difficult?  What makes it feel easy?  What differences in your life have you experienced since your started walking your Ascension Path? 

Day 3 – Your Soul Hears Your Heart-of-Hearts – Consider a situation in  your life.  Do a sincere scan with your awareness. What does your Heart-of-Hearts show you?  If your Heart-of-Hearts shows you guideposts and mile markers on your Ascension Path, what might those be for you now?  (What do you perceive as guidance?  How do you perceive it?)

Day 4 – Spark of Change – Notice yourself with the intent of value.  What do you see/ perceive?  Notice your surroundings.  What catches your attention.  What insights does this offer you?  Did you feel the spark within you just get brighter?  How might you set your intent to act with kindness and purposefulness today? (Words you might say to express that intent)

Day 5 - Hope – Notice and perceive the crystallized energy of disappointment.  Where is it in your body?  What is the essence of the hope behind the disappointment?  Ask for Divine Light to nourish and fulfill this hope.  Feel the power of hope as it dispels the disappointment.  Describe your experience of this.

Days 6 & 7 – Walking the Path of Ascension:  We moved through delays and disappointments.  We tapped into the wellspring of Divine Assistance and Hope.  We learned how to hear our Heart-of-Hearts by listening with our soul.  We sensed the spark of our intent grow brighter.  How cool is this!?!

Steps Along The Path         
  • I freely tap into the Spiritual Wellspring
  • I walk an ever unfolding journey along the Ascension Path
  • My soul listens and hears my Heart-of-Hearts as it guides me along the path
  • I cherish the spark of intent within me
  • Hope dissipates disappointment

Wednesday Wisdoms

Janice's meditation guides us to the Bridge of Cleansing Energy to help us clear our energy.

Ascension Step 6 

Theme - Spiritual Support in the Physical World


My Ascension Path is filled with healing, insights and Truth.


(Messages 26 to 30 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1Garden of Your Heart – As you notice an object, how does your awareness shift?  Does the object seem brighter or just feel significant?  Which quality of energy engages within you through noticing? Radiance of being?  Gratitude?  Spiritual connection? Or Spiritual strength? 

Day 2We walk with You – Do you have a sense of the Ancient Ones presence?  What is your experience of that?  How does it feel to know they are here out of their free will because of our free will?  How does their definition of joy fit for you? 

Day 3Walk in the Light of Truth – How does sorrow and sweetness exist together for you?  What truth are you “speaking” with your life?  What happens when you allow kindness to flow from you? 

Day 4Winter – Festive Season of Healing – What is something you might be anguishing about?  How do Angels of Mercy work?  Though it’s not winter with holiday lights, next time you are at a red light, absorb the red light through the eyes of observation and feel the red energy bring vitality and strength.  What is your experience of this?

Day 5 - Trust with a Capital ‘T’ – Have you ever misplaced a trust?  What were the results?  How does trust with a capital ‘T’ support and sustain your now on your Ascension Path?  How do you find that kind of Trust?

Days 6 & 7Walking the Path of Ascension:  We discovered that our spiritual strength and connection grows as we notice our physical world.  We have a sense of the Ancient Ones being with us as we open to new insights.  We realize that our lives speak our truth to the world.  We experienced light energy from street lights (and other lights) bringing us strength when we apply our awareness to the process.  We are learning a higher level of Trust.  Trust in ourselves and in Divine Source.

Steps Along The Path         
  • My awareness is growing.
  • The Truth of who I am reveals itself in my actions.
  • Full awareness of my free will brings me joy.
  • Healing energy flows to me through the lights in my world.
  • Trust supports and sustains me.

Wednesday Wisdoms

Janice shares a process for noticing, healing and sealing your aura. The guided meditation takes us to a Sacred Island.

Ascension Step 7

Theme - Light Creates Change


I am clear and empowered on my Ascension path.


(Messages 31 to 35 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1Manifesting in Brilliance – What would you like to create in your life?  What “nudges” from Divine Source have you noticed?  In what way are you a loving manifestation of Divine Source?

Day 2Choosing to CreateTake a moment and choose to create an energy field of either peace, joy, or harmony.  Notice the time and space you just created and send those energies across the globe.  What is your experience of that? 

Day 3Tender Strengthening – Which old trauma might you tend to call back to yourself to suffer again and again?  Noticing that Divine Source stands ready to catch this with love and Light, can you release it or toss it away from you?  What new scaffolding is being gifted to you to support you now? 

Day 4Reclaiming Your Power – What 4 keys to Ascension Power are listed in this reading?  Have you been reluctant to claim your power in the past?  What empowers you now?

Day 5 - Your Heart’s Fulfillment – How is hope different than expectation?  What do you hope for now?  What next steps to fulfilling that hope are being awakened within you now?

Days 6 & 7Walking the Path of Ascension:  We are opening to “nudges” from Divine Source so that we may create what we choose.  We release old traumas so that we obtain new structures/scaffolding to support our new journey.  We reclaim our power with joy and peace so that we may fulfill our heart’s desires.

Steps Along The Path         
  • Light guides me and gives me guidance.
  • The energies I create I share with the whole planet.
  • I am supported as I release old trauma and reclaim my power.
  • My heart finds its fulfillment through hope.

Wednesday Wisdoms

Janice takes a look at "I Am ..." statements and tools to amplify how they can empower your life.

Ascension Step  8 

Theme - Anchoring to Ascension Truth of Sacredness


When I apply expanded awareness I am sacred, I walk on sacred ground and do sacred work.


(Messages 36 to 40 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1Seeing with Your Heart – What does your Heart-of-Hearts see (perceive) that your eyes cannot?  How does your expanded awareness help others to transform?  What happens to you Heart-of-Hearts when you uplift and shift?

Day 2Revealing a Lost Perspective – What is your stress, exhaustion or fear really telling you?  How does one awaken to Divine Protection?  What perspectives shifted for you so far on this journey? 

Day 3Your Ascension Path – How does it feel to walk on Sacred Ground?  What uplifts daily tasks into sacred work?  What is your experience of sensing the physical world along with the spiritual realms? 

Day 4Ascension Truth – What changes around you cause you fear or discomfort?  What words can you use to describe your true self?  How does this description anchor you on your Ascension Path?

Day 5 - Which Path Will You Choose? – What’s on your ‘to-do’ list today?  Does it seem burdensome?  What sacredness is there in the action to fulfill your ‘to-do’ items?  What is the result of applying sacred awareness to actions?

Days 6 & 7Walking the Path of Ascension:  We explored the insights within our Heart-of-Hearts.  We shifted our perspective and discovered Divine Protection.  We noticed Sacred Ground and sacred work.  We described ourselves from the perspective of our true self – not our own judgment or another’s judgment of us.  We gave ourselves opportunities to bring sacredness into everyday tasks.

Steps Along The Path         
  • I am learning to listen to my Heart-of-Hearts.
  • Divine Source protects me.
  • I am aware of my physical journey as I walk a spiritual path.
  • I re-define myself through sacred awareness.
  • I bring sacredness into all that I choose to do.

Wednesday Wisdoms

Wednesday Wisdoms. Janice shows a way cool process using the Peace Point for healing and transformation.

Ascension Step 9 

Theme - Opening to More


I breathe in Light and expand my awareness into the future.


(Messages 41 to 45 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1 Follow Your Heart – What does your “inner center” feel like to you?  When you consider an action, what response does your Heart-of-Hearts give to you as a signal?  Can you hear/perceive your Heart-of-Hearts communication?

Day 2The Path of LightHow does ‘darkness’ feel to you?  Heavy?  A pressure?  Fear?  Anxiety? Worry?  Or ____ ?  How does the light that is already there feel to you once you open your awareness to it?  How does this light feel once you allow Divine Source to breathe more light into you?  What changes for you with this flow of light?

Day 3Send Forth – When you visualize, do you also smell the surroundings you are thinking about?  What other senses kick in for you?  What is your experience of sending out open-hearted optimism?

Day 4Technique for Sensing EnergyWhat, for you, is the difference between the feeling self and the sensing self?  Where do you feel your ring-true in your awareness?  When you reach out with your expanded awareness into “more” – what is your experience of that?

Day 5 - Your Sacred PathHow does discovering like-minded people in this Ascension group assist you now?  Was your transplantation process easy or challenging?  How is creativity and inspiration showing up in your life now?

Days 6 & 7Walking the Path of Ascension:  We’ve learned to listen to our Heart-of-Hearts to receive guidance and insight.  We’ve received Light from Divine Source by utilizing our breath to move into its flow.  We sent our open-hearted optimism into the future to support our journey and to bless the world.  We’ve fine-tuned our ring-true awareness to open doors of sensing energy.  We’ve connected in to our Ascension group and felt the support that allows us to be rooted into creativity and inspiration.

Steps Along The Path         
  • I listen to my Heart-of-Hearts as it communicates to me in a unique way.
  • Divine Source breathes light into my journey.
  • My visualizations change the future for myself and others.
  • My senses strengthen and deepen to guide me.
  • I am right where I need to be.

Wednesday Wisdoms

Janice takes us on a guided meditation to a junk yard! Using the treasures we find she helps us create a powerful affirmation.

Ascension Step  10 

Theme - Ascension Peace Fills my Soul's Song


I walk in Ascension light and am blessed.


(Messages 46 to 51 in the "Ascension Path")

Daily Practice

Day 1 – Three Locations Spiritual Process to Peace – Which location do you add to your awareness first?  Feet?  Heart?  Or Crown?  (You might want to try another order and see if that feels better.  It’s whatever works for you!)  What does it mean to you when the Ancient Ones say, “Peace is the gateway experience of the ethereal realms?

Day 2Perceiving then Receiving Loving EnergyWhat was your experience of expanding and “bumping into” the energy of Peace?  What is your sense of this energy drawing nearer to you?  What heart-felt imaginings are you visualizing for yourself now?

Day 3Ascension EnergyDo you struggle with discouragement, boredom or physical pain for now?  What is your sense of the spiritual beings that assist you with these struggles?  How do these spiritual beings help you?  Do you see/perceive the Ascension light?

Day 4The Soul’s SongHow do you think people perceive you?  What might people say to describe you – generally speaking?  What is the essence of your Soul song?  Would you like it to be more or different?  Can you imagine the chorus we make as we walk this Ascension Path together?

Day 5 - Getting Ready for ChangeDo you feel that you have changed much during this course of study?  If so, how would you describe those changes?  How does “High Alert” appear in your awareness?  How is this different than anxiety or fear for you?  What changes do you feel might be coming for you?

Day 6 - Your Faith-Walk - The Ascension Path is ever unfolding before you.  You are a bright light in a time of great need for light.  You know more than you think you know.  You walk in power and in grace.

Days 7Walking the Path of Ascension:  Walking the Ascension Path:  We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?  We are accessing the ethereal realms in a new, clearer way.  We invite peace and it expands within our awareness – no matter what else is going on!  We perceive spiritual beings that are here to assist us and we welcome their help.  We have a Soul Song that the world perceives and we are growing that Soul Song into something magnificent.  We are alert and open for the next level of awareness, creativity and insight to come to us.  We walk in Faith. 

Steps Along The Path         
  • Peace is a part of my journey.
  • I draw Peace to me and it draws near to me.
  • My soul song is expanding.
  • I am eager and ready for whatever is next.
  • I take it one day at a time in sacredness and awareness.
Wednesday Wisdoms

Reverse Guided Meditation - The Lighthouse. We had a power outage that cut off that last moments of the meditation explanation.  You will have an idea where you'd like it to go, so you can imagine what works for you!

Week 10 and Beyond

There were a lot of things along the way in this course of study that you already knew.  Maybe you didn’t know you knew, but when presented with this information, it felt familiar and true.  

This journey is not about perfection but about perception.  What you notice has opportunity to be of service to you so that you can be of service in your world.  

You can change your thinking in an instant and you can adapt to changes effortlessly without changing the truth of who you are – a brilliant being of light!  This light can and will change the world.  

Trust the process and be the light that you are!  

Many blessings.

Bonus: Activating Your Ascension Orb

Janice shares information on how to activate your Ascension Orb in the video and article below.

A new energy comes to us as a result of a Dream/Vision I recently experienced. In this Dream/Vision instructions for receiving a new energy – an Ascension Harmonic Energy was revealed. A method to receive and maintain this energy was also revealed.

This energy comes to us in the form of an energetic orb that stabilizes and supports our energy fields as well as our physical journey.

This energy orb is located below the diaphragm, behind the stomach and in front of the spine. This energy orb exists in the ethereal realms so it does not occupy space in the body.

Colors appear as golden, copper, and red/brown burgundy. Colors swirl and move within and on the surface of this orb.

This orb spins to maintain stability and equilibrium. This acts like a gyroscope with self-stabilizing ability - energetically speaking. No matter how life gets sideways, this is self-righting so that we return immediately to our rightful state of being, and do so effortlessly. Just like turning your phone sideways and the picture self-adjusts to upright. So too, this energy orb allows us to remain upright in all that we do – no matter what life throws at us.

This energetic orb creates a grounding effect immediately which adds to the sense of stability. Energy flows from the orb down into the Earth – effortlessly.

This energetic orb creates alertness and expanded awareness immediately which allows one to think, respond, and access insights all at the same time. This creates a poised awareness that is ready for action without the need for reaction – again, effortlessly. One does not feel as if they are on high alert – rather just attentive and open to insights/Divine Guidance in any situation. This feels like poised expanded awareness.

This energetic orb stabilizes body, mind, emotions, and spirit all at once.

The really wonderful thing about this orb is that its energy contains the harmonic for ascension. Anyone who walks a sacred path with the intent to walk in honor. integrity, and spiritual connection is on an ascension path. This Ascension Orb supports that path. This Ascension Orb protects one from reacting to life’s challenges. On the Ascension Path there exists no need to respond to life or life’s challenges with disdain or with despair. One walks with clarity and ease.

Not only that, this Ascension Orb harmonizes with other Awakened Ascension Orbs. Meaning: Multiple Ascension Orbs harmonize and support one another. Does not create attachments, but rather creates a support system harmonic that further amplifies the Ascension energy for self and others.

Is not limited to time and space. Anyone anywhere on the planet can tap into this Ascension energy and create/be gifted an Ascension Orb.

To awaken the Ascension Orb, just notice it’s there.

Not there? Ask for it to be given to you, then create it in your imagination. If you do not perceive it right away, this does not mean you are not good enough or that someone else is more spiritually advanced if they perceive it right away. Not perceiving it immediately just means that you aren’t noticing it yet. Often we assume we are not good enough and that masks the obvious. Just relax and allow. Probably when you aren’t trying it will pop into your awareness.

To link with another Ascension Orb, ask the Orb to seek its harmonic affiliate and link in. A sense of connectedness without baggage will occur. One does not feel the other person’s life, life choices, or problems – just this energy of the Ascension Harmonic.

To my knowledge, this reception holds the first time this energy exists on this plane of existence. We, The Divine Fellowship, become the starting point and the anchor point for this Ascension Harmonic Energy.

Personally, I felt myself stand taller, feel more in-tune with Spirit, I felt more grounded and stronger.

May this Ascension Orb bless you in all areas of your life. Feel free to share this information!